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Heavenly Delicious & Wicked Fresh

Do you love donuts? So do we! Dukes Donuts is family owned and operated since 2013, Duke's Donuts is a mobile donut shop that strives to bring you the freshest, most memorable donut you have ever tasted.


Duke's uses only the best ingredients and aims to source everything locally. The irresistible aroma will guide you to our unique set up where each and every donut is made fresh and served warm. 


Duke's offers 2 varieties of donuts: The apple cider cinnamon donut, known as the traditional "fry cake", is a blend of our special ingredients and is created from scratch right on site. This cake donut is covered in a hard sugar and served warm. The raised donut is our version of a glazed donut...only better! Also rolled in a hard sugar coating, this traditional donut has been described as "fluffy & flaky" and "melt in your mouth good''!

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